Outside “The Game”


  1. you guys want my info? or am i helping with this site? message me on GL or comment back please

    btw im in PA too!

  2. I’m 13 and names really Freddy

  3. Hey this is ECA_Monsta_USMC…D3LIRIOU5 found you on facebook but dont worry I wont add you as a friend…Is it the pic with you and Spider-man haha

    1. i dont think they add people from the game often

  4. Yo EE!! This should seriously be password protected so only EE members can see this. This is private stuff.

    1. they cant do nothing with this information. You can find this info on your Myspace or Facebook pages.

      1. Ohhh, yes. Didn’t think of that. Sorry. lol

  5. MESMERIZER is a little kid!

    1. He’s not in the clan anymore though. delirious has not made another picture to have him off and add all the new people. I’m a little kid too and both mesmerizer and I are quality players.

      1. Well I was hacked for like 3-4 months! I am 24 years old…I remember when my rank was higher than yours…but that account has a KeyLogger so WHENEVER I log in my password is changed to something RANDOM!…I barely replied to my 200 messages…but see you on the field if you see a HixtaG_ with an underscore thats me…Its hard to believe no one wanted to be a fake me…but they wanna be a fake ART_OF_WAR or a DELIRIOUS haha I played BOTH of them and it was 73-4 there rank is like 60,000 haha…

      2. Well soon it will be either EE_HixtaG_ or something else Hehe 😉

      3. And how come you didnt put NOCEILINGS on? That was a Great name! Whenever I see that room I ALWAYS joined!

        1. i do like it. ill change my name to N0C31L1NGSx or something. i’ll look out for you hosting something so we can have some fun!

  6. Yeeeha love it too! haha

  7. I love the adobe creative suite

  8. Do you use Creativ Suite CS4 or 5? XD

  9. Nice site bro!

    1. thanks man.

      1. CS4. Its really simple, theres nothing to it. Its just a image on the background, and i put layers of info on top. Just made it look like a table of some sort


    1. haha bro, i dont know how you can get ANY better at this game than you already are HAHA

    2. COOL! You guys kept me on the list… That was very nice! Thnx guys!

  11. The Germans hacked us. I saw some German words in some of the names. I will now communicate with everyone only through the website. They are JEALOUS of what we have done but they still can’t stop EE!!!!!

    1. They need to quit before they regret their actions. Agreed about EE…UNSTOPABLE!!!

  12. Yo! I was born in Los Angeles…. Please change. Gracias!!

  13. Haha i live in Hanover, PA. (yes there is only one n in the PA one) edforce lives in Hannover, Germany

    1. Im in Pennsylvania too!!!
      im in pittsburgh though….

      1. Sick! lol i dated a chick form pittsburg.

  14. what happened to N1GHTM4R3?

    1. He was still involved with TKC. EE rules state we have no alliances and no affiliations.

      1. oh alright thanks

    2. I am PSN_N1GHTM4R3

  15. But I do have to say, nice work!! 🙂 This looks like it probably took a while to do! Very impressive! 🙂

  16. I’m near Hollywood…if I stand in the middle of my street I can see the Hollywood letters on the hill…

    1. Dude! Nice man! I think 😛 Well I better get going my parents came from another day of hard work so I’m cooking again 😀 and I’m going to help them with my 1 year old brother.

    2. You need to move to Texas…if I stand in the middle of my street I can see BudLight brewery down the block! HAHAHA

      1. lol that made me laugh. xD

    3. coolio so u live near serano street my dad owns a clock shop there

  17. Where is EE_ZIMA?

    1. He has not provided me his info yet.

      1. Oh. Ok. I didn’t know that. 😛
        How have you been man? Haven’t actually had a conversation with you. lol

  18. hey thats awesome!

  19. YO yoda u live in LA me too are u from Burbank, Orange County, Downtown…….

  20. Solid group! EE has the best shooters and we’re smart hahaha!!!!!!!

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