Outside “The Game”


  1. :O

  2. Yeah they r pretty good

  3. Well I had a great chance in EE but I will always remember USMC as my beloved former awesome clan 🙂

    1. USMC is a great clan also

  4. Add me in gameloft

    1. Ok

    2. Why did u leave Superliv I liked u cause u were good!! Man and u had a great spirt. I play mcs all the time so if u thought USMC never plays mcs ur wrong I play alot I’m ranked 17 and to get up there I have YO keep playing

  5. I wonder how delirious did this, how we can add to this….

    1. i wonder how two wed have to ask him.

  6. Hey if u need info for me I will giv to u guys (I’m new to EE)

    1. Ya u can message me or DARKRAIN and will put it up I’ll add u two the site.

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