Our Evil Secrets (Members Only)

Sandstorm Hidden Multiplayer Map


NO, Im not a hacker, im just a web designer that knows how to mess with files. I have a jailbroken iphone and i was looking through the Sandstorm App and i noticed 5 multiplayer maps. 3 of them we know, but the other two we dont. Click here to view photos and video.

Want to be Hackerproof?

It is safe to use these Characters in your password.


If you want to be hack-proof, Use “&” or “+” or an extra space in your password.

If you use “&” or “+” gameloft will change your password, but when you go to log back in it won’t let you. Gameloft support will have to reset your password manually.

I did not check any other characters but 2-3 of those thrown into your password should be sufficient. One very interesting thing is if you do use + in your password, You will still be able to log into gameloft on your phone and you can still log in to play, However you will not be able to log into the gameloftlive.com website, and you will not be able to change your password on your phone. So, if you are ok with not being able to log into gameloftlive.com this could very well make your password hacker-proof! The same may be true of “&” but I haven’t tried it.

Check first with EE_BETTER_NOT to see if its officially confirmed.

How to Add Special Characters to Your Name


  1. Makes it harder for hackers to hack you
  2. It looks cool


  1. You can’t join games, you can only host them
  2. You can’t check your messages/chat over the itouch/iphone. You would have to visit www.gameloftlive.com to check your messages.

*Its best if you use your computer to do this. It will allow you to copy the symbols much better.


Open Word (PC) or TextEditor (MAC) depending what your using and leave it open.


There are several websites that can give you HTML special characters. I have found two good websites. You can go to http://fsymbols.com/ (which has TONS of cool symbols) or you can go http://www.webmonkey.com/2010/02/special_characters/ here (which has your basic stuff).


Copy symbols into your word/texteditor document and experiment to see what you like and what fits.


Once you have your nick/name the way you like it go to www.gameloftlive.com, log in, and then go to edit profile to change your username. Paste whatever you have in your word/texeditor into that username field. If you get a message saying that you can only use 16 characters, that means it’s either too long, or you are using to many special characters/symbols. For each symbol that you use it takes more than one character space, so you might have to cut down on the symbols.


Email yourself your new nick/username as a backup (very important)


Open Sandstorm on your iphone/itouch/ipod and try to log in as you would do to play online. It will give you a message saying username doesn’t exist. So click back, remove the old username and paste on there the new one. And thats it!

PLEASE DONT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE! We are the only clan that has this. It makes our clan very unique!

If you have any questions, send me a message.



  2. Man have u played that kid SAE_D1S3AS or whatever u should that kid he’s got skill

    1. not yet ask him to join if hes great

  3. That SAE_D1SEASE kid is good! I had a pretty intense battle with him and it took me getting shot a couple of times until I figured him out…..

    1. Ahh i played him he is good but not good enough i think that we should stop recruiting cause it will end up like “oh only one more! Oh now only one more..” then we will be like sae and have too many players! I like a small team cause anyway we kick butt so… Cya around boys-EE_GR1M_REAPER

      1. Hey guys its me here! Im EE_GR1M_REAPER! Im asking u guys to get me back on ur lists! Im not hacked and im feeling “left out” haha! Please! Thnx guys

  4. Before I joined EE, I knew how to add the symbols to my name and I had an individual who asked me how to do it and I told him. He also knows the drawbacks. His name is SAE_D1SEASE. I trust this kid because we talk on a regular basis and he’s also a Christian. I will ask him not to share the secret if he adds the symbols. BTW, I have taken MS Office numerous times so I know it inside and out. I didn’t hack YODA or anyone to figure it out. I just saw the TM and registered trademark and thought it would be cool to do it too.

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