Clan Artwork


  1. yoda is the 3rd one down with the cigar
    hahahhahaahaha im playing with you but seriously that could be him

    1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You are right PAK that is me. I can only smoke while I play weak players though. It doesn’t work when I’m playing guys like you.

      1. hahaha thanks,
        smoking kills though….

  2. can someone tell me how to make these awesome pic’s???
    thank you

  3. It’s easy 🙂 lol. 😛

    1. how do u make thoses pic’s???

    2. how do u make thoses oi’s like that

    3. your mom is easy.

  4. u can make ur name the way u want on computer but not on itouch,i just tried it and changed my name in my language and it worked! but u cant play with that name cause u can only play if the letters are in English!

    1. We know how to make it work, but thats our little secret. : P

      1. NO u dont i already talked to yoda or should i say EE_¥ÓЮ Trust me i know how to… not such a secret anymore huh.

        1. Yoda hasn’t told you, he said he would have to kill you if tells you. So you shouldn’t be lying buddy, Yoda is not going to like that.

        2. What a liar! I NEVER told you that! I can’t wait to see ECA pop up in my games. This will be fun!!!

        3. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Someone is going to get a whooping now!

  5. i know how……click on 1 letter then u see many Latin letters and thats it chose one! ignore my last comment (i think it didnt even published lol).

  6. Photoshop

  7. Ugh, I didn’t exactly get an answer: How do you put those cool words in you flags? I’m trying to make one but can’t figure it out. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

    1. use emoji or something ,u have it right?

  8. did you get it? it was called evil jpg.

  9. I made one for evil empire. just tell me one of your emails and ill send it to you.

    1. my email is

      1. thanks man. i hope you enjoy the photoshop work!

  10. May I ask how do you put the words on your flags?

  11. Hey guys of EE I would like to now how do u make ur letters look so cool in ur name

  12. Dangggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s sick bro! Wicked! Now that’s what I call intimidating flags!


  14. Epic!

    1. Hahah yup

  15. Those pics are SICK!

    1. thanks folks

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